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Furniture fills the room and it is rarely changed. Thus, high quality and long lasting design become the main consideration in choosing such furniture. The harmony with the theme of the house comes afterwards. Minimalist house, for example, will definitely be better when furnished with harmonious furniture. Furniture from Indonesia is famous for its beauty, strength, and low price. Modern furniture till antique furniture, indoor furniture until outdoor furniture is represented to the world customers. Qualified and durable furniture’s are part of the important things to realize comfortable and elegant house. One of the Indonesia furniture characters is the minimalist, is its functional feature with minimum ornaments which targeted for superior customers. For some peoples, it gives an impression that minimalist furniture’s look simple and rigid. The minimalist simplicity does not have to make the furniture’s of your rooms uninteresting. The minimalist furniture existing as the response to practical and dynamic life style of the modern community in its turn requires luxurious access as the sign of the image and the taste. All products of Indonesian furniture are made from selected materials (wood, rattan, bamboo) that have gone through strict quality control process so that the quality is not doubtful. The Indonesia furniture’s had penetrated world markets. This achievement was proofing of Indonesian product quality and the customer loyalty.